Bedtime is an Olympic Sport

For most people,  going to bed is a simple process. Its a matter of crawling into bed and covering up and going to sleep.  At our house, its not quite that easy. You might we wondering, why? Do we live near train tracks or people are blaring their car stereos all night?  No, it's not that. We have pets. Its as simple as that. For those of you who are pet owners, I think you can relate to this. A typical bedtime starts with shutting off the lights and telling the dogs its bedtime. By the time we get to bed Luke and Abby, the cats, are curled up on my side of the bed. Then Gwynnie, our old toothless cat, hops on the foot of the bed and starts screaming about them being in her spot. We aren't talking cute little mews, we are talking screams that sound like she is being strangled. Who needs music to sleep too? Next its time to move the cats. I suggest that Mr. Bernie  move his cats so Gwynnie and I can crawl into bed. He just chuckles and tells Gwynnie, "Shut up you toothless … [Read more...]


Going to the Dogs


This weekend, Katie and I went to help pimp puppies and dogs at PetSmart. Her foster Momma was going to be there for the day. We thought we would got help with talking to people and give Sheri a break if she needed it.  As an added bonus, Katie would get to socialize and play with other dogs.  That morning she was full of piss and vinegar.  It was like having a two-year old who got up on the wrong side of the bed.  She was racing around and chasing her cats and getting into anything she could that morning. I had a feeling it was going to be a long day.  A type of morning where she has ADD and I think she needs puppy tranquilizers. The night before I added some pretty ribbons to her collar. Just to jazz her up. As if she needs a way to stand out more. I knew they wouldn't last because she was going to be playing with a rammy puppy.  However, the Momma in me wanted her to look her best and all fancy Nancy. (No, I don't have children. So she is the closest thing to playing dress up … [Read more...]