I’m on a Creative Team!

My first design as an offical Creative Team Member

When I first started the Project 2011, New Year challenge,  I had no idea where it would lead. I know I wanted to so something crafty and creative, but had no idea what to do. I decided to start making cards, with stamps. Mr. Bernie and I own a stamp shop, how hard can that be? Pretty darn hard if you ask me. I hated it. I couldn't get anything to look right. It smeared or was too light I was getting frustrated before I even really started. There had to be a better way. Fast forward a few weeks.....I was dorking around on Etsy and discovered digital images. (insert angels singing here)  Huh, who knew such an amazing thing existed? It was like playing with color-forms from when I was a girl. Just move things around and set them in place and you have something pretty. The very first Etsy seller I bought images from was, Patty of Lisa's Altered Art. She held my hand and baby stepped me through making cards. She explained to me the difference between a JPG and PNG. She has a different … [Read more...]


Halloween Has Arrived at Budugalee


I had no idea how to play with digital images. None, nada, zilch! This week, Mr. Bernie showed me how to play with images. It's a lot of repetition. A lot of yelling, "Mr. Bernie this won't work. Come fix me!" Whining may have been involved as well. It's all a blur. I wanted to make my own Halloween cards. I'm really enjoying learning how to make my own images. I buy them from Etsy sellers and then play around with them. Making sure I only use the ones that can be used for resale. I added some new ones this morning and wanted to share with you all. Here are a couple I designed from the bottom up. I had the image from my own stock. Then I added some elements I bought from other folks. I love how the painting on the wall looks. That was a Corel draw thing. I used some photo corners, Michele turned me on to those. I made her a bit crooked on purpose. I wanted to give the illusion that she was just thrown into a photo album. This little boy was a lot of work. He had a whole background … [Read more...]


I’m Having an Internal Debate


I've been up since 5am. That means I have been up alone and can just sit and obsess. Never a good thing for me. Mr. Bernie, Jenny and Michele will tell you that. I start thinking of a bunch of things and my mind just races. Some ideas I have are good ones, some not so good. It depends on the day or if I have PMS as to what I think about. This morning, I have been thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Yikes! With my upcoming trip to Chicago I want to make some extra play money. I thought about having a bake sale, but ruled that out. So I got to thinking about selling cards and rrecipe card holders online. However, I don't have a clue in hell how to do something like this. I don't know how people could customize them. For example: What color background paper or what type of recipes or even how much to sell them for. I also thought about decoupling some Halloween type looking jars. Who doesn't love Halloween? I would also need to go back to all the places I bought vintage images and … [Read more...]