Pranks -R- Us


My folks winter in Florida. My Auntie and Uncle, mom's sister, winter in the same area. They are both tickled when they get company. When the grand-kids come its fun, fun, fun. Because their houses are so close together, when Auntie has company they go visit mom as well.  It works out nice for them all. Last year, my brother and his kids were in Florida the same time as my cousin and her kids. Somehow the two families got into a pranking war.  My cousin and her kids put a million post it notes all over my mom's van. Things like, Last name's rule, Last name's drool! I thought that was pretty funny. Mom put a rummage sale sign in Aunties yard. She listed the time as 6am and early birds were welcome. My cousin's kids, Miss L and Mr. S,  had such fun with  last year that they wanted to prank Auntie Rit and Uncle Bud again this year. Poor Mom and Dad don't have any kids visiting at the same time. So that means they are on their own. One morning my mom told me, "Bern, I need to go buy … [Read more...]