How Are People Finding Me?

Its time for another post about how people are finding my blog.  When one has a blog, they have a whole bunch of cool stats.  One of my favorites stats to monitor/obsess on is the  "Search terms people used to find your blog." It reassured me that the freaks and trolls on the internet are alive and well. Just when I think people can't get any more weird, my stats prove me wrong. Half of the fun is trying to figure out which post came up via the search. Some of them I can guess. Others, I just have no clue in hell what might have popped up for them.  I'm guessing that they were pretty disappointed with whatever it was.  Lets look at a few samples shall we? I will link up to the post I think they may have found. If you are new here, it is a great way to let the freaks on the internet suggest some of my old posts  you might want to read. I'm just pasting the terms as I see them. "clean as you go", I'm guessing that one was directed to Don't C.A.G.E. Me In. It has a lovely picture of … [Read more...]