Sharing is Caring on Facebook


  Have you ever shared something that you thought was really amazing and then nobody commented or "Liked" it. Have you wondered why? That was pretty funny! I know that Suzie and Joe will think that is so them! I know they are on Facebook now. Why are they not seeing this amazing thing that I posted? They must hate me or maybe I'm blocked or I'm sure it's for a stupid reason. Well Suzie and Joe probably can't SEE that amazing meme or recipe for getting rid of bunions. The reason and simple and I'm here to help you to figure it out. Facebook offers us different ways of sharing things with our friends: Public: Anyone and their dog can see it. If someone Goggles your name and your posts are public, they can read them. They don't have to be friends with you to see it. Public is a great way to share an event, fundraiser, etc with your EVERYONE! If you ever make something public, remember to change the settings back on your next post. Friends: My friend's can see the post. If I tag a … [Read more...]


Bernie’s Big Birthday Bash

Starting on the left side, Tammi, Jenny, Lyn, Mandy around the right side, Cheryl, Cathie, Anne and Michele

One of the things I miss by living in Montana are birthday parties with girlfriends. Roy does he best every year to do something special for me. However, the girl in me wants to have a party with a group of friends. That is something that has not been possible since I have moved to Montana. Jenny decided if she was going to fly me home for my birthday, by God I was going to have a party too. She sent messages to my girlfriends inviting them to one of my favorite restaurants on my birthday. I told her that if anyone asked if they needed to bring a gift, tell them no. I didn't need gifts, having everyone come out to celebrate my birthday was gift enough. The plan was to meet at 6pm at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.  A lovely unexpected surprise was extra people at the party. An old friend, who I have not seen in years, read about the party on Facebook. She told another friend that she would like to go, the more the merrier! I'm so glad she did that. With something like … [Read more...]


Frisking, First Class and Friends


  My friend, Jenny, decided to fly me home for my birthday! I have not been to Duluth Minnesota for over a year. What a fun idea! Go home, have a party with girlfriends, freeze to death! For those of you who live in a box and don't get weather updates, Minnesota is in a huge deep freeze right now. When everything was confirmed to go home I decided to email a couple blogging friends. It felt kind of rude to say, "Hey, I'm going to be coming to Msp. Minnesota. Wanna come hang out for a while?" However, rude be damned, I wanted to meet these gals and this was going to be a good opportunity to do so.  I really wanted to meet Beth Ann from It's Just Life, if you click the link it will take you to her post on the meet up. Beth Ann's blog does "Comments for a Cause" For every comment she receives about her blog posts, she donates 50 cents to a cause of the month. For January and February, the cause is our friend Nina and her family.  I also really wanted to meet Audrey from Minnesota … [Read more...]


Biggest Loser Casting Day

From Left to Right: Antonio, Timothy, Vanessa, Wendy, Veronica and Me. Sione Fa is standing in the middle. He smelled so good.

After weeks of fretting about the casting call, the day finally arrived! I woke up extra early to sit and think for a while.  "What was I doing? What might I be getting myself into? What if the other kids don't like me? Will I kill anyone with my bat-wing arms if I don't wear a shrug with my dress? You know all the important questions. I showered, put on my make up and woke Jenny up to get her approval. (She is great at doing eye make up. Her eyes are the size of dinner plates so she has a nice pallet to put on eye shadow. My eyes, not so much) I put on my dress and jiggled the fat under my arms It was going to be too hot to wear a black shrug outside for a few hours. I grabbed my cooler of water and my chicken purse and was ready to go! We all decided to meet at 7 a.m. Wendy and Veronica picked me up at my hotel. It was so nice to finally meet people I  had been talking to for weeks. There were no awkward pauses the ride to the tv station. We were all taking about our lack of … [Read more...]


How Much Weight Can a Jetta Take?

This is what 3 big girls look like in the back of a Jetta.
Me, Sarah, and Jenny

Friday is always a good day to post funny things. I will skip towards the end of my trip to giver everyone something to laugh about. On Monday, I'll go back to the start of the trip.  This blog is like my thought process, scattered all over the place. Our new friend, Sarah, offered to pick Jenny and me up on Sunday to do some site-seeing. She thought that we might like to go see other than  SLC The thought of getting out-of-town was wonderful! Sarah told us that Park City is where the Sundance Film Festival is held, a shopping outlet and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park. Oh, fun!! Most of the trip was all of us laughing and teasing each other. Strangers would think we had been friends for years. After running around for the day it was time to had back to SLC. We stopped at a gas station to get gas. Everything is going GREAT!! The car is full of gas, we are all piled back in the car, Sarah goes to start the car and NOTHING! She tries to start it again and again and nothing. She … [Read more...]


You Gotta Have Friends


  When I decided to do the casting call for The Biggest Loser, I didn't announce it on my Facebook page. I wasn't going to blog about it. I told a select few on a need to know basis. This was something I was doing for me.  In some ways I wanted to keep it private. I didn't want to answer questions about it. I didn't really want to explain anything. I just wanted to go try out and see what happens. I stumbled on, The Biggest Loser Casting Facebook page, while I was poking about all things Biggest Loser. I lurked on the page for a bit. People would ask questions about the casting process, people would share their videos and and general chat about being heavy and so on. The one thing that really struck me was how friendly most people were. The same question could be asked again and again, but someone was always willing to help out. They were all being so encouraging. There were the odd posts of, "pick me! pick my friend!" I just overlooked those. I don't think that the casting … [Read more...]