It’s All Fun Until Auntie Jack Finds Out

Mr. Bernie wearing his new shirt for Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mr. Bernie and I celebrated with a quiet day at home. We open presents on Christmas Eve. My Mom has good taste and usually ends up buying some great shirts for Mr. Bernie. Note the word usually. The Mr. was opening his gifts and all was as normal. Gold Toe socks, check. Jeans, check. Then he opened a shirt box, looked at it in an odd way and let out a belly laugh like I have not heard in a long time. I couldn't see the shirt and couldn't fathom what she would send that would make him laugh so hard. He finally showed it to me and I was shocked and appalled!  It was a brown t-shirt with the universal symbol for the men's room, with a twist. The man has his hands up in the air as if to say, Yippee!  It has writing on it and says, "I Pooped Today!" What the hell?? Surely she did not mean to send this to MY husband. My husband who loves his t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo shirt and wears it for special occasions. She did not mean to send that to … [Read more...]


How Much Weight Can a Jetta Take?

This is what 3 big girls look like in the back of a Jetta.
Me, Sarah, and Jenny

Friday is always a good day to post funny things. I will skip towards the end of my trip to giver everyone something to laugh about. On Monday, I'll go back to the start of the trip.  This blog is like my thought process, scattered all over the place. Our new friend, Sarah, offered to pick Jenny and me up on Sunday to do some site-seeing. She thought that we might like to go see other than  SLC The thought of getting out-of-town was wonderful! Sarah told us that Park City is where the Sundance Film Festival is held, a shopping outlet and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park. Oh, fun!! Most of the trip was all of us laughing and teasing each other. Strangers would think we had been friends for years. After running around for the day it was time to had back to SLC. We stopped at a gas station to get gas. Everything is going GREAT!! The car is full of gas, we are all piled back in the car, Sarah goes to start the car and NOTHING! She tries to start it again and again and nothing. She … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednseday


Look what fun Little Luella can have! Don't you wish you had one? It's not child labor its child's play! It's all fun until someone loses an arm.   Image via:Lobstar28 … [Read more...]


A Witches Hat and Puppy Sticker

Mr. Bernie looking sexy

Mr. Bernie thinks he is a 12 year old boy, trapped in a 51 year old man's body. That is part of his charm. He doesn't mind looking and acting silly.  If he sees an opportunity to be a goof ball, he grabs it with both hands and feet. It makes life a bit more fun. Because we both have the same sense of humor, its hard for us to embarrass each other. Things that would cause most married couples to die of embarrassment or run out of a store screaming are just daily life for us. Last night was a prime example of such shenanigans. I found a lovely lime green witches hat with a black veil at the grocery store. Who doesn't need one of those? I have a craft idea in mind for it. Mr. Bernie snatched it out of the cart and grumbled looking for a price. He then asked why I needed a lime green hat. I explained for a craft and he just rolled his eyes. We kept on shopping. We split up and went up into separate aisles to speed things up. (I needed my coffee creamer. I was out and getting bitchy … [Read more...]


Why Can’t We Buy a House Without a Roof?


I'm sorry that I didn't get to any of your blogs yesterday.This morning I plan on getting caught up on your comments as well. It might not be this morning, but it will be today.   I was in a bit of a mini funk. Not sure why. It's not as if I had PMS or a fight with the Mr. or anything. I just woke up and didn't feel my usual perky and upbeat self. I knew it was bad when Mr. Bernie noticed as soon as he got up. I guess because I didn't start prattling at him the minute he woke up. It wasn't like I was trying to hang myself in the shower and he noticed and asked what was wrong.  He is hyper-sensitive about making sure I don't slide into a depression. He lived with it and it scared the heck out of him. I'll explain why. Almost three years ago we decided we were done renting. We wanted a house of our own. Mr. Bernie wanted a garden. I just wanted to get out of duplex living. We also had Mr. Bernie's brother living with us. The duplex was perfect for one person when Mr. Bernie rented it. … [Read more...]


That Donkey Guy

It's not often that I can get Mr. Bernie to watch a video on YouTube. He thinks most of them are dumb, girly,blah, blah. I finally found a video series that causes him to come running when he hears the "theme music."  That Donkey Guy He loves ThatDonkeyGuy! The only bad thing is listening to the Mr. doing the Latin accent for an hour after watching. Dweej from House Unseen and her husband make the videos. The topic range from anything and everything. Today, I want to share one of Mr. Bernie's favorites.  Be sure to watch the whole thing, at the end it will flash Donkey, but there is a couple of seconds left.  Have a wonderful Saturday!! … [Read more...]