Watch My Purse


I love unique and unusual purses.  I'm not a Coach, Kate Spade, Kathy Z. type of gal. A fact of which I'm sure Mr. Bernie's wallet is very thankful. The purses I like are the kind that people have to ask questions when they see them. "Is that a purse? Is that dead armadillo a real purse? Can you really use that purse to make a phone call?" You get the idea. The answer is always, yes. My love of purses helped to name this blog. A couple of years ago, Mr. Bernie and I went to dinner with his brother and the brother's girlfriend. There was a wait, so the girlfriend and I decided to go outside to get some air. I was carrying my bustier purse and left it on the table. I told Mr. Bernie to "watch my purse." He just gave me a nod, that was good enough for me. When I was outside our table was called. Mr. Bernie went into a panic, what to do about my purse being on the table and me being outside. The Mr. just sighed and stared at my purse. An old cowboy was sitting with his … [Read more...]


Its Hard to Kiss the Lips…..

Mr. Bernie's sister sent him this video. He shared it with me. I thought the song was funny as heck. The best part is Vince Gill in drag! I never thought I would see the day. Vince is a sexy man, but a homely woman. *lol* I hope this makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh. Have a great Sunday! … [Read more...]