Mr. Bernie Makes a Sucky Girlfriend


When I get ready in the morning, I put clips in my hair.  The kind the beautician puts in your hair before she cuts it.  My hair Goddess taught me that would help me make fun curls. I'm usually good about remembering to take them out so I can finish my hair and not look like I ran away from the beauty parlor. Note the word, usually. On Saturday morning we got up early and cleaned our kitchen and living room. It was still early and we had worked up an appetite. Neither of us wanted to mess up the kitchen making breakfast, so I offered to run to McDonald's to pick up something to eat. I had already showered, so I was dressed and ready to go. I waddle out to the car, start it and I'm on my way. I looked in my rear view mirror and screamed. I was still wearing my clips in my hair.  Why didn't Mr. Bernie tell me? Why didn't he suggest I take those out before leaving? I quickly rip them out of my head before I get to the drive-thru and try to fluff up my hair. I was really annoyed. I … [Read more...]