I Want Wings…..Fairy Wings


I want a pair of wings.  Not wings in a maxi pad, but wings to wear.  I blame this desire on the food network. Mr. Bernie and I were watching a "Chopped" marathon and its one commercial that gave me the desire for wings.  The commercial is for Cutee oranges and a little girl is eating an orange while wearing wings.  Those wings that little girls wear with the netting wrapped around wire.  Every time that would come on, I would tell Mr. Bernie, "I want a pair of fairy wings!" The first time I said it he glanced at me like I said something weird. By the fourth time it came on he said it before I could, "Yes, Bernadette you want wings." Later that night I was talking to my friend, Michele, and told her I wanted fairy wings.  All I heard was the sound of crickets. Then she replied, "Why do you want fairy wings?" I told her, "So when my unicorn farts glitter I can rub it all over me!" Why did I want wings indeed? I told her that they would be cool What 42-year-old fat chubby woman, … [Read more...]


Christmas Has Arrived at Budugalee


Halloween is more my speed. It was such fun finding new spooky images to make cards. However, I will be doing some craft shows this season. Best to have some Christmas cards for the masses. I spent the weekend chained to my craft room designing. I thought I would post a few of the cards I'll be adding to my shop. I thought this girl was a doll baby. I glittered up her hat. I was able to figure out how to cut her hand out to make her look like she is holding the candy cane. Most of my images are from my ,graphic's Goddess Patty, from Lisa's Altered Art. This little guy is fun. The words say, "Bring me some Figgy Pudding" What kid doesn't have a tantrum around Christmas time? My niece, Jade, Jenny's daughter allowed me to use her picture. I so wanted to have a kid missing their two front teeth. Jade said I could use her picture. You can image Jade's surprise and delight when I posted this on her Facebook wall. *lol* What is Christmas without a snowman? He has fancy glittered … [Read more...]