I Want Wings…..Fairy Wings


I want a pair of wings.  Not wings in a maxi pad, but wings to wear.  I blame this desire on the food network. Mr. Bernie and I were watching a "Chopped" marathon and its one commercial that gave me the desire for wings.  The commercial is for Cutee oranges and a little girl is eating an orange while wearing wings.  Those wings that little girls wear with the netting wrapped around wire.  Every time that would come on, I would tell Mr. Bernie, "I want a pair of fairy wings!" The first time I said it he glanced at me like I said something weird. By the fourth time it came on he said it before I could, "Yes, Bernadette you want wings." Later that night I was talking to my friend, Michele, and told her I wanted fairy wings.  All I heard was the sound of crickets. Then she replied, "Why do you want fairy wings?" I told her, "So when my unicorn farts glitter I can rub it all over me!" Why did I want wings indeed? I told her that they would be cool What 42-year-old fat chubby woman, … [Read more...]


Proof That I Have Been Busy

squarescream (Small)

The craft fair is in a few days. I have been rushing around trying to get stuff done. Mr. Bernie has been helping to cut papers for me. Which is kind as I would spend 40 minutes trying to get one image straight. Then it would only be about a 1/2 wide. I feel like I'm flying when he is helping! I just wanted to show off a few of the fun things I made over the past week. I'm still not done, but this gives you an idea of some things: We found a great deal on some mirrors and decided to add some fun to them. We scraped off the back of the mirror. Then we added a picture on vellum to show through the hole. One top of that we added the same picture on white paper. It kind of gives it a 3D effect. We made a couple different kinds of mirrors. My friend Beth Ann from Its Just Life forwarded me a cool Halloween craft idea she saw. Someone spray painted a plastic skull with chalk board paint. How cool is that? I thought that I might be able to do that and not mess it up too badly. We … [Read more...]


Halloween Season is Officially Here!

IMG955134 (Small)

Today is the first of October. That means its time to dust of the Halloween decorations stored in the garage. We have as much Halloween stuff as the rest of the world have for Christmas. If you asked Mr. Bernie he would tell you we have too much stuff. Then he would lie and tell you that it's stacked up 6' tall. He tends to exaggerate. I think its only 5 1/2' tall. Though I have never measured. This year we have two new things to add to our display, thanks to my friend, Teresa! She was at a garage sale yesterday that was chock full of Halloween things. Really big figures! Bless her heart, she took pictures with her cell phone and sent them to us. We got to "shop" via cell phone. These are what we picked. They will look great hanging out our house! Teresa is a bargain shopper and talked the guy down $10 bucks! So now we have two new life size figures for $40.00!  Mr. Bernie said that we wouldn't even be able to make them for that amount of money. They will go well with our … [Read more...]


Bats in Her Belfry

IMG_1175 (Small)

I love that you can find anything on Etsy. I also love sellers who allow people to use their stuff to sell in their own shop. For example, I have found the best Halloween graphics. Eventually, I would like to be able to make my own. Until then, I depend on the cleverness of others. A gal was selling the sheet to make this adorable card and envelope. With some good card stock, my printer and Mr. Bernie I was able to make my first easel card. I thought these were just cute. I have wanted to make an easel card for a while now. I'm so pleased with how she turned out. Perfect for Halloween. She is now for sale in my Etsy shop. I also made a second one easel card of a  witch on a bicycle. Here is a card I made over the weekend. Mr. Bernie was gone and I taught myself how to turn a girl into a zombie. I was pretty proud of her. I leave for Chicago next week. I hope to get a few more cards added over the weekend. It's a bit addicting. … [Read more...]


Halloween Has Arrived at Budugalee


I had no idea how to play with digital images. None, nada, zilch! This week, Mr. Bernie showed me how to play with images. It's a lot of repetition. A lot of yelling, "Mr. Bernie this won't work. Come fix me!" Whining may have been involved as well. It's all a blur. I wanted to make my own Halloween cards. I'm really enjoying learning how to make my own images. I buy them from Etsy sellers and then play around with them. Making sure I only use the ones that can be used for resale. I added some new ones this morning and wanted to share with you all. Here are a couple I designed from the bottom up. I had the image from my own stock. Then I added some elements I bought from other folks. I love how the painting on the wall looks. That was a Corel draw thing. I used some photo corners, Michele turned me on to those. I made her a bit crooked on purpose. I wanted to give the illusion that she was just thrown into a photo album. This little boy was a lot of work. He had a whole background … [Read more...]


Time to Think About Halloween


Sometimes Mr. Bernie gets busy and forgets things. Then a discovery is new to him and he gets excited. A case in point in yesterday's discovery. When we picked up Gunter, he didn't have a power cord. We used a power cord we had lying around, but it was not the right power. A few months ago he ordered a new cord, and never opened it. He just put it in my craft room. While he was showing me how to use our scanner, he noticed the package. He asked me what it was. When I told him that it was his power cord, his eyes lit up. He opened the package and flew to our guest room to plug Gunther in. It worked great and Gunther is now loud and his head moves back and forth.His arm still needs to be repaired to go up and down, but Mr. Bernie thinks he can fix him. This got us to talking about our outdoor Halloween display. After all it is August. Not too early to figure out the yard display. We were in Minnesota getting married last year. So we didn't set up a display. The year before we had a … [Read more...]