She Wore Rose Colored Glasses


My best friend Jen and I talk several times a day. Usually about nothing but we do it anyway. We have our best talks at night. At least I think they are our best talks, she might disagree. The topics vary from nothing, to things of adult nature and so on. Having been her friend for so many years, I just assume we have the same kind of knowledge. Growing up we read the same type of books (romance), music (Rick Springfield) and so on. So it is always a pleasant surprise for me when I hit on something she is clueless about and it shocks her. (We have that fun kind of relationship) One night we were talking about adult things. It was late. I was feeling feisty. I was telling her about a weird sexual fetish I had read about on Craigslist. . She shrieked, "WHAT??!! How do you even know that???!!!" I told her that I had read about it. Jen then replied, "You know what, Bern? I like my rose colored glasses and not knowing about stuff like that. You don't just scratch my rose … [Read more...]


This Morning I Knew We Would Freeze To Death


This morning when I woke up, I noticed it was a bit "brisk" temperature wise. I could almost see my breath. I quickly threw on my "weekend attire", sweats and a t-shirt , I know I'm sexy. Anyway, I ran waddled to start the gas fireplace. Next I checked our indoor/outdoor thermometer and saw it said, 61 degrees! My final check was the thermostat to see what that said. It didn't say anything. It was totally blank. What? How could that be? I peeked outside and saw we had snow. Granted it was just a dusting, but it snowed. Then I started to panic. We are going to freeze to death. The pipes are going to freeze. The fur kids would all be frozen pupcicles and catcicles. How would I explain this to Mr. Bernie? I just know our pipes will freeze and he will be mad. What to do, what to do? I don't like to wake him up. He is easy to wake up and he wakes up with a smile on his face, but still, it was 6am on a Sunday. I tiptoed into the bedroom and patted his hand, nothing. Then I started to … [Read more...]


Thrift Store Score!


Mr. Bernie and I don't get out much. We just don't feel as if we have to be on the go all the time. However,  we love to go to thrift stores and poke around. We never know what we might find that we can't live without. Mr. Bernie and I have a fun game we play when we go. We each can spend $1.50 on a secret treasure for the other. You would be amazed at what you can find for such a small amount of money! Lots of useless stuff, that you didn't know you wanted. Yes, we probably should find a hobby, but this amuses us. Its really all about us, don't you know! The rules are: One item or more for up to $1.50 (With inflation we might have to bump this up to $2.00's) You must buy it when the other person can't see you checking out. (Hence the word secret treasure. You must remove the price tag before handing the treasure over. Keep it in the bag, so the other person has something they can "unwrap" If we were to keep score as to who found the best treasure, Mr. … [Read more...]


I Live With a Super Hero

After unpacking our few boxes of Christmas, we decided to head to the thrift store to beef up our lack of Christmas decorations. I had a few ideas in mind and you never know what you can find. Who knows what treasures were awaiting for us to snatch up. While I was looking for Christmas stuff, Mr. Bernie was looking at tools and other assorted items that I could care less about. I lost track of him for a bit. I struck up a conversation with a couple who were just poking around as well. We were having a nice chat when all of a sudden Mr. B found me. It was not a little, "Oh, there you are." No, he came running up and hopped in front of me and said, "Look what I found!!" I about died, he was wearing a black helmet and bouncing around like a little kid! The gal I was talking to stared at him like a deer in the headlights and quickly scampered away. I took it all in, Mr. B. standing in front of me wearing a black helmet and grinning. He asked if he could have the helmet for … [Read more...]