Back in the Saddle Again

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      Man, getting back into blogging is rough. It makes me think I should have asked all my clever blogging friends to guest post for me while I was on vacation. I feel like I'm behind on their posts, your posts and my posts. Yesterday, I was finally able to get to the most current posts for some of my blogging buddies. I'm starting to get back into the swing of reading and commenting. I keep staring at Mr. Bernie and willing him to do something amusing. Then I suggest he do something amusing. He reminded me that it doesn't work that way. Which causes me to whine, "Why not?" He just rolls his eyes at me and goes back to watching t.v. Perhaps if we actually left the house for something other than work? I'm not quite sure. We did have a big outing to the grocery store yesterday. Nothing exciting happened there. Well I did get some new ice cream. Michele told me that Ben and Jerry's makes a Red Velvet ice-cream. I so want to try that. Who doesn't like … [Read more...]


Lunch, Ice Cream and Sandals


I have been on the go since we arrived in Duluth. Lunches with family, playing with my girlfriends, meeting bloggers and so on. Mr. Bernie got to go fishing for a day and swim in Lake Superior. On Friday, that will be my day of rest. I'm not leaving the house unless it's on fire! Yesterday, my friend Jenny and her daughter Jade came to pick me up for a day of fun. Jenny and I both wanted to find a pair of Teva sandals. That was the goal for the whole day. Her sister-in-law had a pair that were so comfy, we were both hooked. I HATE sandals. I don't like things between my toes. I However, these things were comfy! We had to have a pair. Jenny pampered my feet and Jenny's niece painted my toes pretty. So I was ready for a pair of sandals. We had to have some food before tackling the mall. So we went to a new to me restaurant called GB Schneider & Co. It had a neat atmosphere of "posters" from the West Duluth area. I decided to try a cheddar, bacon and fried egg hamburger. It was … [Read more...]


Meet Me On Monday

Welcome to another edition of “Meet Me on Monday” blog hop! Hosted by Java of Never Growing Old. Feel free to leave me your answers as a comment. 1.  Do you like your ice cream in a dish, waffle cone, pretzel cone, sugar cone or cake cone? I'm not a big cone girl. I can never eat the ice cream fast enough in a cone. It usually drips down my arm. I prefer a dish. A big dish! 2.  Do you read the newspaper daily? I go in streaks. Some months I will have it delivered, others I don't bother. I read my hometown paper every morning online. I do enjoy the crosswords. 3.  Marinara or meat sauce? I love my crock-pot spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage. My mom is not a cook but she loves making this sauce. We even call it, "Renee's Spaghetti Sauce" 4.  Last time you cried? At our wedding in October. I sobbed my false eyelashes off. I'm sure people were thinking, "look at the old maid, sobbing because she is getting married." 5.  What word/phrase do you find really … [Read more...]