Times They Are a Changing


The past ten years have been a wild ride and it looks like it isn't over yet. I moved to Montana from Minnesota about ten years ago. I was scared, lonely, and bewildered. Depression had pretty much ruined my life.  Moving to Montana was only to be a temporary thing.  I was going to clear my head and then move back. I didn't quite work out that way. Mr. Bernie and I became a couple. We worked together. We became involved in the community. We got married. We bought a house. We took trips. We celebrated weddings & births and mourned deaths. We took on new crafts. We made new friends. We held/hold offices on boards. So many things we have found to keep ourselves busy. Some days we look at each other and wonder what happened to the times we were able to just sit around like slugs and not worry about much more important than our next cribbage game. My first six years in Billings were difficult. I had NO friends, none. I had the folks who came to work and who were nice to me. Yet, I … [Read more...]


Jenny Working at Rage is All the Rage


My friend, Jenny, finally got a job. She took time off working between going to school and a kidney transplant. Valid reasons not to hold a job. A running joke was that every time she would get close to getting a job she would get sick. When she gets sick, it's not the flu, it's usually something with her kidney. Now she is healthy and working! When most people get a job after such a long hiatus, people are happy for them. They don't focus on the company the person is working for.  However, Jenny is now working for Rage Outdoors. They make hunting equipment, they are well-known for their arrows and tips. When Jenny got her position she had quite a few guys interested in her new job. Her brother and his friends. Mr. Bernie, his brother and brother-in-law and most any other guy who knows who/what  Rage is. She turned into a Rock Star overnight. When I told Mr. Bernie that Jenny was working for Rage, his blue eyes light up like Christmas tree lights. "Rage?? As in the outdoor … [Read more...]