It’s Time to Pull a Jury


It's time for another look into the steps of how a jury is picked. I'm sure you all have been waiting with bated breath.  I bet you have just hoping that I would make another post about how the jury magic happens.  If you missed the first few steps, you can read it here. Now that we have  the Judge's Order in "The Special Book", its time to move on to the next step. I couldn't believe how many steps it takes to pull a jury. When I first saw the check list I may have  started hyperventilating a bit. My whole theory of tossing darts at names was totally shot. I'm thankful that the previous Jury Clerk made the checklist and the amazing manual that helps me along with steps. It's very, very handy and helpful. It's time to pull the Judge's Calendar to see what cases may happen on the date of the trial. I look up the Judge's name and the date of the said trial. Then I print off a copy to have for my files. Some days it may show  things like hearings and other important Judge stuff.  … [Read more...]