Stamps and Markers -Oh My!


My goal for this week was to make cards using stamps and my new artist markers. My stamps are from JustRite, I wanted to see how I liked them before we sold them on our website for work. The same with the markers, I wanted to see if I could make them work before pimping them on our website. I LOVED using the Memento markers! Must easier than using a stamp pad. They have dual tips, a brush tip for larger areas. A smaller tip for fine coloring. For some of the card, I used a large black stamp pad and just inked up the border. Next I put the center stamp in and used my markers to color the center. Must easier than I expected. After all these years of working with stamps and curling up my nose at scrappers who used these types of stamps, I have finally joined the band wagon. Note:If you click a card it will make it bigger for you. If you click it again it will make it full size. I put them as smaller images to help load the page up faster. … [Read more...]