How Are People Finding Me – Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of  "How Are People Finding Me"  Every once in a while I dig around in my stats to find out what search terms people are using to find me. The results intrigue me and sometimes scare me a bit as well.  Sometimes I can figure out what post would have popped up on their search, other times I really have no clue how they landed in my little corner of the internet. Let's get started shall we? My first result is the post popular search term for the past week.  "What to do with my empty cigarette packs" Most people just throw them away. However, I'm going to guess that this was the post they found: Purse Porn, a post showing my purse made of cigarette wrappers. That was easy! I hope they are all this easy to figure out. Let's move on to the past 3o days, shall we? This one made me wonder who on earth is actual looking for this and knows the proper term for it. Not 1 but 3 people used this term: "testrone radium energizer"  (spelling was the search term, not mine) I'm … [Read more...]


Kawana and Random Act of Kindness


Hello to anyone who still reads this blog. I have not abandoned you all.  I have just been really busy. I have no clue how those of you who have actual human children have time to blog? We still have a Momma dog and six puppies. I don't know if I'm coming or going. To be honest, the time I could spend blogging has been spent 'playing' with puppies. They are such cute little bundles of fur who love to attack us when we go outside to see them.  It's a wonderful way to start the morning. Yesterday, Mr. Bernie and I went to the grocery store after work.  I really hate going to the grocery store. I truly do. I would rather call an order in and just have it delivered to the house. Mr. Bernie makes the trip even more of a joy by complaining about the prices of food these days. Telling me what the prices used to be - Like 2 or 3 years ago. Telling me how he is not going to spend $2 for one apple - or buy something else at the price they are asking - and on and on. Good times. Right before … [Read more...]