Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!!


Today is Mr. Bernie's birthday! Everyday I'm thankful to have him in my life. I know that sounds sappy and cheesy, but there you go.  He has the patience of a Saint!  Which is a good thing when you have to live with me. He is good about making sure we are stocked up on chocolate at certain times of the month.  He is a wonderful cook. We would seriously starve if we depended on my cooking! He is ok with having foster Momma's and puppies at the house.  When we get a new Momma he gives her a "spa day" and brushes her out. He is so good with our own animals. They all love him.  Not many men would be comfortable carrying their 45 pound puppy to the car because he can't walk.  He is currently upgrading my computer so it goes faster and I can store more images! He did that out of the blue and without being asked.  That is the kind of guy he is. Since today is his birthday, that means last night I should have been in tears. My infamous angel food cake disasters are known far and wide. Last … [Read more...]


When the Wife’s Away….

Patch, the puppy we are keeping

Our first term of puppy fostering is almost coming to a close.  By the end of the month the puppies will find their new furever homes.  There are two that have a little issue called Shaking Puppy Syndrome. It causes them to shake like little old people with Parkinson disease. They will not be as easy to place. The boy, Patch, we are keeping as our own. We didn't plan on keeping one of the puppies, but there you go. His little head bobs like he is listening to music only he can hear. The girl, Pearl,  has it a bit more rough. She not only shakes but at times her legs go out from under her. She will be running, and going and playing and suddenly flop over. She is perfectly healthy other than that quirk.  We are sure that the rest of the litter will go quickly, Pearl not so much. Which is ok, she needs just the right family. If we end up fostering her for a longer time, we don't mind. She really is a sweetheart.  Roy keeps telling people, "Pearl has a lot of heart!" Last night I … [Read more...]


Another Lesson In Math and Love

312 Mississippi

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I suck at math. Mr. Bernie has to help me figure out discounts. My friend, Jenny, laughs at me. My other family and friend's just sigh. Here are a couple posts to get you up to speed on how awful my math is. To Infinity and Beyond and Too Cubed. I'm starting to learn that when you marry and Engineer  who is a math geek, numbers can equal love. Who knew? Me, I'm more about jewelry and chocolate, but we work with what we have.  I'm bringing this up because of yesterday's math=love lesson. Mr. Bernie can be cute when he wants to be. He will ask me if I know how much he loves me. I will say no, how much. Then he will reply, ___ Mississippi. I have been paying attention to what number he ends up on. Just because it amuses me to see if he picks up where he left off. He started this with 1 Mississippi after the infinity and beyond fiasco. Now we are up to the 300's. We were driving home last night and he said, "Bernadette to you … [Read more...]


A Simple Wooden Plate=Love


It is amazing how simple things from our childhood memories shape and guide us. These simple things frequently involve food. My Mom's older sister, Auntie Jack, and her family lived a block away when I was growing up. Auntie and Uncle had four kids. Three of them were older than me and my brother. One was our age, their baby. We played with the baby all the time. That meant that we would sleep over at Auntie and Uncles fairly regularly. When we got up in the morning, Auntie Jack made us breakfast. Usually, she served toast with breakfast. To most folks, toast is no big deal. To me it was special. You see, Auntie jack had a round wood plate that she used to serve toast on. It was a special plate that only came out when toast was made. At our house, Mom and Dad put toast on any old plate that was handy. We didn't have a cool plate like Auntie had. Before I got married last year, Auntie asked what I wanted for my shower and wedding gifts. I didn't even have to think about it. I blurted … [Read more...]


To Infinity and Beyond

Mr. Bernie and I work together. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit squirrely. I said to him, "Have I told you lately that I love you?" His reply was, "No, you haven't. How much do you love me?" I thought of the largest amount I could think of and said, "I love you to infinity and beyond." After all its good to quote a cartoon character and learn science from them. Without missing a beat he replied, "That's impossible." Which caused me to get all pissy and annoyed. I was not a good student in science. I snapped, "Why, not?" We are both mature like this and like to bait each other He replied, "You can't even get to infinity. So you can't get beyond infinity. Heck, you can't even get half way to infinity. Even a 100th way to infinity is so close to infinity that you can't get there. Thanks for trying though." What the hell did he just say and what does it mean? Also, Buzz Lightyear is a lying bastard. That's what this tells me. If you have been following me for a while, you realize Mr. … [Read more...]


Pancakes = Love

IMG_0695 (Small)

My husband listens, this I know, for my pancakes told me so. (Sung to the tune of "Yes Jesus Loves Me") With Mr. Bernie its hard to tell when he is paying attention or not. I'm sure this doesn't happen to anyone else who is married. I'm sure I'm the only one. *wry smile* For example I might tell him something semi important about Jenny. For example, Jenny going to get her kidney functions checked or something. (She has had two transplants)  Then when he talks to Jenny on the phone later, he acts as if he has no clue that I told him. Perhaps I might mention something his sister or his mom told me. Then when he talks to them he acts as if its news to him. Like I keep him in the dark about things.   Believe me, I do tell him stuff. Sometimes I don't know why I bother. That being said. Imagine my surprise when he whipped up some colored pancakes for me last weekend! I had posted on my Facebook page a really neat article about rainbow pancakes. He rarely reads my Facebook, so I was sure … [Read more...]