Did Someone Say Jury Duty?


Here we are in the middle of the week and I have survived. I have learned some things that I never thought I would ever learn in my lifetime. For example: I never knew I would wear eyeshadow with colors like, Mildew, Oil Slick and Polyester Bride. Who knew? I have not had to actually dress in big girl adult clothes so many days in a row. That when you start with hookelt earrings you can slowly work your way up to the big girl hooker earrings.  My feet wont' fall off if I wear big girl shoes and not my crocs. See this job is teaching me things about myself I never would have given two thoughts about before. This morning I was asking Mr. Bernie if it was too soon to wear my doll's eyes earrings, they are earrings that are made of dolls eyes that open and close. He suggested that I give it a week or two, take things slowly. He just shook his head when I changed my earrings into a bigger pair. I think he is finding the whole thing quite amusing. Enough about my outfit and make up … [Read more...]


Life of a Z List T.V. Host


I know when you are a real t.v. star you have minions to make you look pretty. I'm so far from a t.v. star it's not funny. Yet, there are some mornings I long to have the pampering those folks must get before they do interviews. For those of you who don't know, I do a t.v. show for the Museum of Women's History. Running interviews with women a couple of times a month. Real T.V. People: They get to sit in a chair and have someone bring them coffee and do their hair. They relax and look over their interview. Perhaps scream at someone because their coffee is not what they asked for. End result, they look fabulous. Me: I'm pushing cats off the counter. Putting hair stuff in my hair and wondering why my left side if flat and my right size looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I tug and tease and look like crap. Wondering if my hair Goddess is right and my hormones are changing and I'm going to end up with straight hair again. Shove the cat off the counter when it plays with my … [Read more...]