Human Race is Not an Option

This purse would have left a brusie if I beat him with it.

When we were getting married last year, we applied for our license in July. That way we won't have to rush around in October trying to make sure we are legal. We found a parking spot at the courthouse, a miracle unto itself. Up to the Marriage License office we trot, all happy and rosy. I think we were both nervous, at least I know I was. They nice clerk handed us a form to fill out. I let Mr. Bernie do that, as he has much nicer handwriting, printing, than I do. There is a spot on the form for race. Instead of filling in a race, Mr. B wrote, "human". I so wanted to kill him. There we were applying for a marriage license and I was debating how to choke him to the ground quietly. He was quite pleased with himself. My glaring and telling him that he was being ridiculous was ignored. Next it came to the point to fill out my married name. After having the same name for 40 years, it took me a bit to decide. Did I want to keep my last name, hyphenate it, or take his. Mr. … [Read more...]