The Case of the Missing T-Shirt


Mr. Bernie and I don't have kids.  Which means I don't have someone whining at me about needing something the next day for school. From time to time Mr. Bernie can't find something. "Bernadette where is the mustard? Bernadette where are some clean socks?" I've been known to lose my bra in the house.  Usually, things are not very lost. When Mr. Bernie is looking for something there is never a deadline. On Wednesday that changed. Mr. Bernie said to me, "I need my yellow Master Gardener's shirt for Friday. We all have to wear that so the new kids can see what they get after putting in hours. Do you know where it is?" I had no clue what he was talking about. I knew of him getting a couple of polo shirts, that were too small, but don't remember a t-shirt. I made a cursory look around and forgot about it. Friday morning, my husband turned into a first grader.  He called out to me in a whiny  voice, . "Bernaddeeeettttteeeee, do you know where my yellow t-shirt is? I can't find it. I … [Read more...]