My Mom’s Beach Birthday Cards

IMG_0705 (Small)

Welcome to another edition to Project 2011. It's actually week 14! Man time flies. If you click the cool button above, it will take you to a list of other blogs who are working on goals for this year as well. I have really been enjoying this meme. My Mom's birthday is Friday. She has so enjoyed the cards I have been making and sending her. She's a Momma, so she doesn't see that things aren't straight. I think she even has them on her refrigerator. When she gets them she makes sure to show them to my Auntie Jack is lives near her. See why I love her? Mom and Dad winter in Florida. She loves going to the beach. She loves the heat. She loves laying in the sun. I could go on. I thought I wanted to make her a card that has a "Florida Beachy" type of feel. Hobby Lobby helped me out with some 3D stickers. They are so cool, they stand up from the card. Giving the card an extra feel. My favorite sticker was the beach chair in the sand. Her grand-furs wanted to send a card as well. … [Read more...]