Back in the Saddle Again

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      Man, getting back into blogging is rough. It makes me think I should have asked all my clever blogging friends to guest post for me while I was on vacation. I feel like I'm behind on their posts, your posts and my posts. Yesterday, I was finally able to get to the most current posts for some of my blogging buddies. I'm starting to get back into the swing of reading and commenting. I keep staring at Mr. Bernie and willing him to do something amusing. Then I suggest he do something amusing. He reminded me that it doesn't work that way. Which causes me to whine, "Why not?" He just rolls his eyes at me and goes back to watching t.v. Perhaps if we actually left the house for something other than work? I'm not quite sure. We did have a big outing to the grocery store yesterday. Nothing exciting happened there. Well I did get some new ice cream. Michele told me that Ben and Jerry's makes a Red Velvet ice-cream. I so want to try that. Who doesn't like … [Read more...]


Welcome To My Blog!

Abby staring at laundry room door

    Welcome to my first blog post! Are you riveted yet? Did the welcome pull you in and make you want more? There is more where that came from. I started blogging last year for my friend, Shelly of Lemon Tree Cards. Wonderful cards and other printed items at great prices.  I have cards made for bar-b-ques, Thanksgiving and so on. She invited me to write humor pieces on her blog, Lemon Tree Blogspot I did and loved it. I'm so very thankful that she gave me the opportunity to try blogging. She did all the work of setting up the blog, I just went in and played. After a year its time to keep the main focus cards and so here I am. The picture above our cat, Abby. She is giving me a strong reminder that I should be doing laundry. I'm choosing to ignore her at this point in time. I have a shiny new blog to play in. I'm slowing working my way around the features of WordPress. It seems pretty straight forward, just tedious setting everything up. One Mixed Bag will be a blog … [Read more...]