A Golden Day


Many of you know that when we adopted our dog, Katie, we started fostering for Rez Dog Rescue. My friend, Sheri, runs the group and I have wanted to interview her for my t.v. show for a while. Since my little local show for The Museum of Women's History is about interesting women, I begged Sheri to agree to let me interview her. She is smart and funny, but not a big fan of being in the limelight. I reminded her that my show is on the same channel that broadcasts school-board meetings and city council meetings. It's not as if it a national show.  I was thrilled when she said, "yes." Mind you it wasn't enthusiastic or excited. More like "ok, you wore me down, I'll do an interview."  I was just so happy she agreed I didn't really care how she said yes, just that she did. Friday was our day to do the deed. I sent her the questionnaire to fill out and the release form.  She picked me up at work and thrust that those papers at me the minute I got in the car. She was not really excited … [Read more...]


My T.V. Debut and I Didn’t Throw Up

We are ready for our close up.

  Now the moment many of you have been waiting for. The tale of my t.v. debut. It's an interesting tale of nerves and wrong shoes. It's also a lesson about the camera adding ten pounds, all to my face! Sexy. To recap for those of you who are unaware as to why I'm on t.v. The Museum of Women's History used to have a t.v. show on the local Public Access Station. The founder of the museum is unable to continue doing the interviews. She was interviewing local women to preserve their histories. A pretty cool concept. One day the executive director was telling me that they wanted to start doing the show again. Nobody wanted to go on camera to do the interviews. Being my usual, think before you speak self,  I volunteered. A few weeks later it was time to go into the studio to tape. I was not nervous about this at all. That was until my mom kept asking me if I was nervous. I kept telling her no. She kept telling me that I should be nervous. That she would feel better if I was … [Read more...]