Happy New Year and I’m Back!

I'm back and ready to blog!

Happy New Year! I'm sure its a shock to see a blog post from me in your news feed or reminders or email. After taking too much time from blogging, I decided it was time to get back on the blog bandwagon. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about my blog. I wish I could tell you that I won the lottery or did amazing stuff during my hiatus. I could tell you that but it would be a lie and no need to lie on my first day back. I think I just got burned out from blogging and didn't feel as if I had much to say. I think that I have acquired enough interesting tid bits to keep you amused for a while. A quick re-cap: Mr. Bernie and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in October. We have not killed each other so that is a plus. The critters are still alive. We fostered a few dogs this year, not as many as the past year. Mr. Bernie has joined a chorus and he is still working with the Master Gardner's. I'm President of The Museum of Women's History and … [Read more...]


DIY Dry Erase Board

I got this frame for under 10 bucks. The quote on the frame sold me.

Every new year I have a goal to make menus for the week. It's handy to have them all written down on some kind of board so I won't have to go looking for a scrap of paper during the week. My folks gave me a great dry erase board, but its too long to hang anywhere. I had it in my head I knew what I wanted, just not sure how to make it happen. Enter, Pinterest, with their handy little DIY tutorials. I must have combed about 10 different pages with just as many ideas. I thought to myself, "You can make that. You have the paper and a bit of knowledge of how to make things crafty." So I'm ending up the new year with a new to me craft project that I'm going to share with all of you. I ran to pick up a cheap frame. I liked the ones with several frames in one. That way I could turn each one into a day of the week. Even though I have more paper than I can ever use, I still needed new paper. I know you scrapper and card gals are with me on this. Mr. Bernie suggested that I print … [Read more...]


Its All About Me And Other People

I started out the year with no actual New Year  goals in mind. I was just going to muddle through the year aimlessly. Why do something new? My friend, Cate changed all of that.  Her readers at Moments of Whimsy urged her to start a blog hop. Well darn her, she did. So here’s the scoop….. 1) It doesn’t matter what your resolutions / goals / hopes or dreams are for 2011 – Project 2011 is for you. You may want to lose weight, learn a new skill, take better photos, grow a garden, work on your marriage and family, be more creative – it doesn’t matter. This community is for you! 2) All you need to do is post every Thursday on what you have achieved that week in regards to meeting your goals. Had a busy week and done nothing? No worries – no one is going to berate you so don’t let this prevent you from participating. Besides, your comments of encouragement may be just what someone else needs to keep them going, so hang in there. 3) Go visiting! The most important part of … [Read more...]