How Are People Finding My Blog?


Its time for another round of, "How did they find my blog?" The fun and exciting game where I share search terms people used to find my blog. Sometimes the post they landed on is obvious, other time not so much. I have no idea why everyone got an email with a link to the word time. I didn't send that. For those of you who are new here or new to blogs I'll explain. When people are searching for something in Google or another search site, it recommends pages that might fit their odd little term.  As a blogger, when someone finds your blog via a search term, we get to see that in our stats. Every once in a while its fun to poke around the searches and see how people found my little blog and then share it with my readers. Sometimes I can figure out which blog post that showed up, other times all I can do is laugh and wonder about people's sanity. If you click the links, it will take you to a blog post that matches the search query. Here we go and in no particular order: "Why do … [Read more...]