Some Days Are Better Than Others

Patch loves to snuggle with his Dad every night.

Our dog Patch has his good days and bad days. If you don't know about his Cerebellar Hypoplasia click this link. Some days he is just your typical drunk looking dog. He wobbles and smiles to beat the band. Mr. Bernie and I are to the point that we don't even notice the head bobs, his arch backed when he plays or his Lipizzaner Stallion walk. The fact that he looks like a bobbing bird when he drinks doesn't even phase us anymore. Today was not one of those days. Today was a day when the poor guy can only crawl to get around. When his Dad gets up he has to crawl to get to him. He pants from the effort by the time he gets to where he wants to go. When his Dad scratches his ears he gives a huge smile to show his Dad he loves him. Then he flops down on the ground from the effort. Mr. Bernie and I are used to Patch and don't notice a lot of what other folks do. We were talking this morning about how this morning is one of those days we notice. That our hearts are being tugged on while … [Read more...]