A Golden Day


Many of you know that when we adopted our dog, Katie, we started fostering for Rez Dog Rescue. My friend, Sheri, runs the group and I have wanted to interview her for my t.v. show for a while. Since my little local show for The Museum of Women's History is about interesting women, I begged Sheri to agree to let me interview her. She is smart and funny, but not a big fan of being in the limelight. I reminded her that my show is on the same channel that broadcasts school-board meetings and city council meetings. It's not as if it a national show.  I was thrilled when she said, "yes." Mind you it wasn't enthusiastic or excited. More like "ok, you wore me down, I'll do an interview."  I was just so happy she agreed I didn't really care how she said yes, just that she did. Friday was our day to do the deed. I sent her the questionnaire to fill out and the release form.  She picked me up at work and thrust that those papers at me the minute I got in the car. She was not really excited … [Read more...]


Talk About Lazy

Image Via: D. Sharon Pruitt, Photographer

  My family and friend's had a wedding shower for me in July. While I was home during that time, Michele, Jenny and I went to have a spa day. We had our toes done. I'm not a big one for having my scaly feet played with. I'm always afraid that my heels will cut someone when they are trying to soften them up. I would hate to have the spa girl suddenly bleed due to my feet cutting her. I got over it and we went.   Jenny is really good about taking care of her feet. She used to be a Body Shop pimp so she is into the scrubs and lotions and so on. Michele and I aren't so good about that. Though Michele's feet can't be used as a lethal weapon. Somehow her feet are soft. Then of course we have me whose feet should be registered as a weapon in some states. We all got settled into our cushy chairs and took off our shoes. Jenny scolded me about my feet. She didn't feel as if Michele needed the same type of scolding. The pedicure gals came in and sat before us. When you … [Read more...]