Things That Make You Say Awwww


Last night after Mr. Bernie packed his bag, I put a few little notes in his bag. One in his book, one in his pj bottoms and one at the bottom of his socks. My favorite hiding spot was in his bag of snack mix. I folded it up really tiny, so he will have a surprise when he digs in for some nuts or berries. I have some fun post -it notes with sweet sayings on them which I write my own message on as well. I'm pretty sure he knew what I was up to.  He didn't say anything. I also knew that when I got home today I would find some notes for me. When I got home, the dog and I walked all around the whole place. It's a habit I have after he leaves. I just go wander around the house and listen to how empty it sounds. When I got into my craft room I found this: Leaving notes in suitcases was something my mom started in 1987. I was an exchange student in Hiroshima Japan. She helped me pack to leave, which meant she could add stuff to my suitcase. When I got to Japan and unpacked I found notes to … [Read more...]


My Husband is Leaving Me For an Older Woman!


That's right, you read it correctly. Tomorrow at 6am Mr. Bernie will be leaving on a jet plane, heading to Arizona. Its time for most snow-birds to come home to roost. His Momma is ready to come back to Montana and he is going to drive her car back. I'm pretty sure she will be in the car with him. We are not sure when he will get back next week. It will be a fun surprise for me. It's the first time we will be apart since before our wedding in October. I know, awwwwwwww. Hence, I didn't want to squirrel away in my craft room this week. I wanted to spend time with him, bonding. Since we work together and live together, we don't spend enough time bonding. He took me to a late lunch this week. We had date night at Costco. We napped this weekend. Watched movies and had popcorn. It was almost like we were dating again. With him gone I can eat what I want when I want!! Its going to be Spam and eggs in the am. Ramen noodles for lunch. Maybe popcorn for dinner. Who knows. I might just go … [Read more...]


Craft Porn-A-Palousa


Its Thursday, so that means it Project 2011. Cate from Moments of Whimsy started a meme to help people reach their goals for 2011. It has a cute little button to go with it, but her flicker images aren't showing up. Every Thursday, we update our progress on our goals. My goal was to be more crafty. Which prompted me to start making cards in January. Which in turn has turned me into a paper whore. I must admit I didn't do anything crafty this week. I suppose if you count brushing a cat and making a ball out of her fur, that could be crafty. In Friday's post I will explain why I didn't make any cards or play in my craft room or go to Hobby Lobby or anything. This week I got two packages of crafting porn! Irene from My Junk, Your Treasure surprised me by sending me some stamps. One I had mentioned I liked a while ago. The other was a a frame and cool borders. Both were total surprises!!Not only that, she made me a card!! How cool is that? I was so pleased and surprised. On … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednesday

  I guess I never thought of someone telling you what to buy. This must have been quite a novelty at the time. The ad is from 1928 Thank you, Tammi for suggesting Piggly Wiggly for a Wordless Wednesday. Tammi doesn't have a blog for me to pimp. If you have a suggestion for a Vintage Ad you want to see, suggest it in the comments. If I use your suggestion, I will add your blog link to my Wordless Wednesday post. … [Read more...]


I’m Versatile. I Have an Award That Says So


This weekend I was honored an award by Ixy from the blog Illusion I was excited to be told that my blog is Versatile. I thought that was pretty cool!! Thank you, Ms. Ixy!! The rules state that the recipient should share 7 facts about themselves. Since I shared about 15 of them last month, I will skip that for this award. The next step is to award this to 15 fellow bloggers. Some of you don't do awards or post them.  However, I still want to pass the award on to you. Don't feel pressured that you have to pass this along or do a post about it. If you want to, great, if not, thats ok too. I won't be offended either way. Now on to 15 blogs, in no particular order I want to pass this award on to. These are people who don't have the award yet as far as I can tell by stalking their blogs. The Binderclips and HulaBuns Chronicles Quipster Minnesota Prairie Roots Living on Less House Unseen Chicken Noodle Gravy Saving Mom's Sanity Feeling Beachy My Left Over … [Read more...]


Meet Me On Monday

Welcome to another edition of Meet Me on Monday Blog Hop. Hosted by Java at Never Growing Old. It's a fun hop and a great way to start a Monday! Each week she asks five questions and we answer them on our blogs. What are your answers to these questions?   1. Who would be your dream celebrity date? Jason Statham. All he would have to do is sit there and look pretty. Read the phone book to me. I don't care. I love his accent. My ideal female date would be Dorothy Parker, the writer. I would love to sit and absorb her witty digs. 2. Do you have any food restrictions? I'm fortunate not to have any food restrictions. I have a mini rant about food allergies. I know when I was growing up kids were not allergic to nuts and wheat and so on. I feel bad for the kids and parents who have to go through such thing. Yet, wonder who they came about and why they are so common now? 3. How much time do you take to get ready in the morning? Image via It … [Read more...]