What’s Good For The Goose……

A friend of mine from Facebook, posted this on her wall. It made me smile all day.  Part of the fun is the "Love Story". The other part is how the reporter uses a bunch of cliché's. I hope this gives you a smile on this Saturday. … [Read more...]


Friday Four Fill-In


Welcome to the 7th weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop! Each week, Hilary lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at feelingbeachie@gmail.com. If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! So, please tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post… This week's co-host is Kipp from Kipp's Version This week’s statements: 1. My favorite kitchen secret is___________ 2. _____is my favorite flavor of ice cream 3. My favorite pair of ______ finally wore out. 4. If I could just have one more ______.   1. My favorite kitchen secret is how I prepare wild rice.  A lot of times people do wild rice on the stove. It takes forever and it doesn't always, "pop" or open as nice as it should. I use a recipe my dad found out of the paper. It makes perfect wild rice every time: Overnight Wild Rice: 1 c. washed wild … [Read more...]


My Mom’s Beach Birthday Cards

IMG_0705 (Small)

Welcome to another edition to Project 2011. It's actually week 14! Man time flies. If you click the cool button above, it will take you to a list of other blogs who are working on goals for this year as well. I have really been enjoying this meme. My Mom's birthday is Friday. She has so enjoyed the cards I have been making and sending her. She's a Momma, so she doesn't see that things aren't straight. I think she even has them on her refrigerator. When she gets them she makes sure to show them to my Auntie Jack is lives near her. See why I love her? Mom and Dad winter in Florida. She loves going to the beach. She loves the heat. She loves laying in the sun. I could go on. I thought I wanted to make her a card that has a "Florida Beachy" type of feel. Hobby Lobby helped me out with some 3D stickers. They are so cool, they stand up from the card. Giving the card an extra feel. My favorite sticker was the beach chair in the sand. Her grand-furs wanted to send a card as well. … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednesday


Who knew that harsh toilet tissue could cause a woman to be to bedridden?     … [Read more...]


My Most Unique Cookbook

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  My brother Brett and his wife Julie can cook. When you go to a family gather that they are hosting, there is more food than you can shake a stick at. I was always asking for a recipe for this or that. Their desserts are out of this world! When we got married Brett and Julie gave us a unique and treasured gift. They gathered all their favorite recipes and made a cookbook for us. Not only that, each dish comes with a picture. My niece Gabby scrap-booked the index pages. They added extra sleeves for us to add to the cookbook. A lovely note wishing us well on the inside cover. Weights and measurements and other tips throughout the book. . To go with our love of Halloween my brother added an image of a skull on the spine of the cookbook. He told me that it would make it easy for me to find it amongst my cookbooks. Let me tell you this family did a TON of work. We were both touched at the amount of time it must have taken to make this. Recipes from appetizers to desserts. Julie … [Read more...]


I Got Nothing

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Normally, I do my Meet Me on Monday post Sunday night. I didn't get to it last night. I'm running behind this morning. This will be the first MMOM I have missed in months. Perhaps its a good thing to shake things up now and then. The only bad thing is, I have nothing to post about this morning. Some mornings I wonder what I will post about and suddenly, inspiration hits. Not so much on this cold Monday morning. All I know is that I'm running behind today and its early. I will get to my weekend comments later today or tonight. I was doing so good about catching up on reading blogs, I'm behind again today. Have a wonderful Monday!!  All will be back to normal tomorrow. … [Read more...]