A Glimpse Into the Future


Mr. Bernie and I were rear-ended last Friday. The car is drivable but its a big pain in the brain, figuratively and literally.  Mr. Bernie has had a headache ever since the accident. He finally agreed to go see a Doctor on Tuesday. Mr. Bernie had a plate put in his neck about 15 years ago to fuse part of his spine. My concern was that was that it was somehow jostled and that was causing the headaches. My other concern was that Mr. Bernie couldn't concentrate or focus on things. He is always sharp as a tac, which has his drawbacks at time. However, watching him squint and not really be able to do anything scared me. It turned out that his fusion is fine and the Doctor thinks it's all tension and gave him some meds. to alleviate the pain. That made me very happy and we went right to the pharmacy. The pharmacy is next door to a Perkin's Restaurant so we decided to have an early dinner while we waited. It was about 4:30pm and as I looked around the restaurant I noticed that everyone was … [Read more...]