Looking for My Crafting Mojo


I misplaced my crafting mojo. I know it's around because it peeks out now and then.  For a while I have been designing a surprise for a friend.  Once I actually get it completed and its received, I will be sharing it. It's a lot of design work that will need to be sent off to be printed and so on. It's not something I can do with my printer at the house. Its been great fun!  I can't wait until its done and complete!! Its been a lot of "Mr. Bernie can you fix this for me? Mr. Bernie I don't like how that looks can you change it for me?" He so loves that part. Now its a matter of taking the cards I have designed and printing them out. Having Mr. Bernie cut them out, I can't cut a straight line. Finding background paper and embellishing them.  I was going to start printing last night, but after not printing for so long my ink dried up.  I have a new ink cartridge and ink re-fills coming in this week.  (I love the ink refills! We must have refilled my color ink cartridge at least 15 … [Read more...]