Mr. Bernie and Otter Pops


Mr. Bernie is a simple man. He doesn't have a lot of wants. Normally, he doesn't go look for special treats. Imagine my surprise when he started talking about being low on Otter Pops. They are frozen treats that come in a tube. You freeze them and then cut off the end to eat the frozen treat. We started eating those this summer when it got so hot. Mr. Bernie was almost out. Oh, the horror! We had some errands to run before we went to Sam's Club. All the while he is talking about getting his Otter Pops. "I'm almost out you know. We need to get to Sam's Club to get some more Otter Pops. I hope we can find the Otter Pops." Almost like a junkie looking for his next fix. This amused me to no end. I have not heard him this excited about going to a store since he got a Cabala's Gift card. We arrived at Sam's Club. He grabs a cart and starts moving like a man possessed. "Come on Bernadette! We need to get some Otter Pops! We only have eight left at home, which means we don't have any for … [Read more...]


I Didn’t Know What to Do

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  Mr. Bernie and I went to Sam's Club. It was our first visit and I was excited to explore.  While we were wandering the isles I was people watching too. I noticed a couple near the peanut butter. The woman was holding a jar of peanut butter and talking about how she would buy peanut butter later.   All of a sudden, I could have swore I saw her put the jar up her sweatshirt. I stood there staring at her as she walked away. Then I grabbed the Mr's arm and hissed, "I think she just stole a jar of peanut butter!" Mr.Bernie wasn't paying attention and barked back, "What?!"  Why do men do that? You whisper/hiss something at them and they yell, What?? All I could do was glare at him until we moved over a few isles. When we were away from her, I repeated what I had said. He wanted to know if I was sure of what I saw. That is when I started doubting myself. Did I really see her do that? What if she didn't and I said something to a store employee? Why would I think I … [Read more...]


Date Night at Costco

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, Mr. Bernie and I can be a bit obnoxious. We also get bored fairly easily. When we have to wait in lines, we start to have fun.  We also look on it as a chance to entertain others around us.  Chances are the folks around us are not nearly as entertained as well are. Oh, well. It's all about us. We were at Costco, for our "date night" - That is, the $1.50 polish and soda deal. Yes, we are the last of the big spenders. Thank you for noticing. (Costco is like Sam's Club for those not familiar with the store chain) The line at the food bar was very long and, of course, we quickly became bored. So, out of the blue, I looked up at Mr. Bernie and said, "Do you take all your first dates to Costco for dinner?" Keep in mind I was NOT quiet when I said this and a few women turned and stared at Mr. Bernie in horror. His reply way, "Oh, no! Only the special ones." He said this with great pride and sufficient volume to be heard by all in … [Read more...]