When the Wife’s Away….

Patch, the puppy we are keeping

Our first term of puppy fostering is almost coming to a close.  By the end of the month the puppies will find their new furever homes.  There are two that have a little issue called Shaking Puppy Syndrome. It causes them to shake like little old people with Parkinson disease. They will not be as easy to place. The boy, Patch, we are keeping as our own. We didn't plan on keeping one of the puppies, but there you go. His little head bobs like he is listening to music only he can hear. The girl, Pearl,  has it a bit more rough. She not only shakes but at times her legs go out from under her. She will be running, and going and playing and suddenly flop over. She is perfectly healthy other than that quirk.  We are sure that the rest of the litter will go quickly, Pearl not so much. Which is ok, she needs just the right family. If we end up fostering her for a longer time, we don't mind. She really is a sweetheart.  Roy keeps telling people, "Pearl has a lot of heart!" Last night I … [Read more...]