Happy Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day


It's here, a day for love and romance. I'm not that excited about it either. When I was single and shoving my face with as much chocolate as I could, I used to dream of having a man on Valentine's Day! Oh, what romantic times we would have! Hearts, flowers, violins and so on. When you are single you can write this whole amazing epic screenplay in your head about how romantic it will be. Like the movie Titanic only nobody freezes or drowns. The reality is so very different. The first  year you get a lovely box of chocolate. Chocolate, yum! Sweet nothings are whispered in your ears. You walk on air because you have someone to spend the day with. You built it up for weeks in your head. The fun, romance, love. Blah! After you have been with someone for a while, it's almost just another day. Well except you don't get chocolate everyday. For those of you who are new here,  I'm going to share a couple of our past Valentine's Day dinners. Our first one was at McDonalds, table linens and … [Read more...]