How Are People Finding Me – Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of  "How Are People Finding Me"  Every once in a while I dig around in my stats to find out what search terms people are using to find me. The results intrigue me and sometimes scare me a bit as well.  Sometimes I can figure out what post would have popped up on their search, other times I really have no clue how they landed in my little corner of the internet. Let's get started shall we? My first result is the post popular search term for the past week.  "What to do with my empty cigarette packs" Most people just throw them away. However, I'm going to guess that this was the post they found: Purse Porn, a post showing my purse made of cigarette wrappers. That was easy! I hope they are all this easy to figure out. Let's move on to the past 3o days, shall we? This one made me wonder who on earth is actual looking for this and knows the proper term for it. Not 1 but 3 people used this term: "testrone radium energizer"  (spelling was the search term, not mine) I'm … [Read more...]


I Have A New Obsession

I have a new obsession, as if i needed another one. However, this one is free, so that makes Mr. Bernie happy. Its all about him, don't you know? WordPress has a cool feature called, "Site Stats".  This handy little feature tells a blogger several different things. How many people have clicked on your blog, how they found you, if anyone clicked on a link you posted. The narcissist in me loves this! The most hits I had in one day was 96, the least was 31. Yesterday, a link I posted was clicked 5 times! That is so cool. Bloggers who have a huge following won't think that is so special, but for me I was dancing around my computer. Another obsession is finding new blogs. When I put in tags and get listed on WordPress, I go see who else has posted blogs with the same tags. I found a few cool blogs that way. A couple of these gals don't have many comments yet, so I make sure I go and leave a comment. I know it would make my day to know someone stumbled on me and liked my stuff. Now … [Read more...]