Watch Out For the Hands Under the Bed


  Last night I got to thinking about the way the Mr. and I sleep.  I'm 5'4" and Mr. Bernie is 6'2". As the shorter of the two, I sleep with my head practically into the headboard.  Mr. Bernie likes to sleep with his head about 5" away from the headboard. He likes his feet to hang over the edge of the bed. I asked the Mr. why he sleeps so far down on the bed. His reply, "That way the hands can't grab me and pull me up through the headboard." That is just a dumb thought. Everyone knows that it's the hands at the foot of the bed that pull you under. Who has ever heard of the hands pulling you that way? Not me. When I was little I used to see hands under my bed. I had a very high antique bed with lots of room under it. They were black gloved hands, led by King Friday and Lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers. Getting into my bed was a feat unto itself. I had to run and hop up before the hands  would get me. When I got a bed that was lower to the ground, I felt a little better about … [Read more...]


Sneaky Cat Tricks

Mr. Bernie and I have very different methods of getting ready to go to sleep. I got to thinking about this last night after he made a big production of, "getting his corners."  I tend to toss all the covers off me and only use them in case of emergency snow falling in the bedroom.  The Mr. bundles up as if he is in Antarctica, even in the summer. When he gets into bed, he looks for the corners of the sheet and blankets. Then he layers them and tugs them towards his side of the bed. Announcing, "I've got my corners. Do you?"  Then he sits up and gathers up my corners and tosses them over me. At which point I quickly toss them off .  Once I toss them off, he starts to whine. "If you don't have your corners, you will try to steal mine when you get cold."  Its a risk I'm willing to take. The Mr. has taken drastic measures to make sure I keep my corners. He has trained our 13lb. cat  Abby, to lay on me when its bedtime. She has claws that can slice through metal. One does not want to have … [Read more...]