Meet Me on Monday

Welcome to another edition of “Meet Me on Monday” blog hop! Hosted by Java of Never Growing Old. Feel free to leave me your answers as a comment. 1)What is your favorite kind of fudge? I enjoy plain old fashioned chocolate fudge. I'm not into fudge with weird flavors mixed in. I'm not a nut girl. I just want the chocolate. This question made me realize, I didn't get any fudge for Christmas. I did try some chocolate cheese fudge this fall. It was tasty in its own way. 2. Is there snow outside your window? If I had been asked this about a hour ago, I would have said,  melting snow. As soon as I read this question, it started to snow again.  Almost like a sleet type of snow. The cartoon is one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. I even have this as my winter fax cover sheet for work. Its just fun. Sick and wrong, but fun. 3. What is your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love Mr. Bernie's fried eggs. They are to die for. I also have a dirty … [Read more...]


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Mr. Bernie shoveling.

Billings, Montana got quite a snowfall over the weekend. This reminded me of a great perk in being married, I didn't have to shovel! Whooo whoooo!! I used to HATE having to shovel off my car and the sidewalk. Hate it, I tell you. When I was single I used to want a boyfriend by winter so he could shovel me out. After a snowfall I would wake up and hope that one of my ex's would decide they wanted to surprise me and shovel my car out. That never happened, but I had hopes. They didn't even have to come in and visit, just brush off my car and shovel the walk and leave. I toyed with the idea of teaching my cats to shovel, but that never panned out. The shovels wouldn't stay attached to their backs, even with duct tape. They were useless. Yesterday, I was feeling such joy and love as I watched the Mr. shovel us out and brush off the car. Sadly, at this point, we only have one shovel. So alas, I was unable to help. I was on my phone to my friend, Jenny, telling her how wonderful it was to … [Read more...]