Pitbull Panties


Image Via In January of 2010 we received a work email inquiring about the price of some stamps. It was from an Army base in Iraq. We had made stamps for them in 2004 and had no problems with payment. So when they requested more stamps in 2010, we thought nothing about it. Since Mr. Bernie is a Vet. we gave them a good deal. The Sargent who ordered the stamps requested that I email a copy of the invoice to the supply Sargent when the stamps were mailed.  I did that and know that it was read, as I sent it with a request for a return receipt. It came back saying that my email had been read. Fast forward to June of 2010, still no payment. I had sent several emails to the supply person. Never received a reply back. Next I CCed the original person who ordered the stamps when I emailed the supply person. Nothing. I sent another email at the end of June and it bounced back. Apparently, they were no longer at those email addresses. I looked for a number to the base in the states that … [Read more...]


My Next Card Project

Frame (Small)

My goal for this week was to make another card using an image from The Graphics Fairy and join her blog hop.  I used an image that Mr. Bernie made into a stamp for me. That way I could use it over and over again. I used this previously on my Thank You cards. I stamped it and then cut the frame out, which took forever.  I found a vintage image I thought went well with the frame. I ordered new stamps and markers to try out this weekend. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I hope they arrive by the weekend. I love water and thought these would be fun to use. Not to mention that they will be fun to color. The new markers will go with the originals I bought, they will make nice accents. How did the rest of you Project 2011 folks do this week?   … [Read more...]