How Much Weight Can a Jetta Take?

This is what 3 big girls look like in the back of a Jetta.
Me, Sarah, and Jenny

Friday is always a good day to post funny things. I will skip towards the end of my trip to giver everyone something to laugh about. On Monday, I'll go back to the start of the trip.  This blog is like my thought process, scattered all over the place. Our new friend, Sarah, offered to pick Jenny and me up on Sunday to do some site-seeing. She thought that we might like to go see other than  SLC The thought of getting out-of-town was wonderful! Sarah told us that Park City is where the Sundance Film Festival is held, a shopping outlet and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park. Oh, fun!! Most of the trip was all of us laughing and teasing each other. Strangers would think we had been friends for years. After running around for the day it was time to had back to SLC. We stopped at a gas station to get gas. Everything is going GREAT!! The car is full of gas, we are all piled back in the car, Sarah goes to start the car and NOTHING! She tries to start it again and again and nothing. She … [Read more...]