Welcome To My Blog


Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy to have all you folks from SITS stopping by! Feel free to poke around while you are here.  Relax and have a laugh or two. It's always nice to have new visitors to the blog. My "About Bernie" page will fill you in on the highlights of life in Montana. Well at least in our part of Montana. I would have baked you an angel food cake, however, you don't want any of my angel food cakes. I would love to show you  my weird and wild purses. You should run across a post or 50 about my husband ,Mr. Bernie, the super hero. Here is a post with him in his super hero costume.  While you are here, be sure to meet my Cabana Boy, Gunther. Most of my readers think that he is something else.  I do Wordless Wednesdays a bit differently around here.  I post vintage ads with my own snarky observations thrown in. With Valentine's Day coming up, Mr. Bernie and I are clueless where to go this year. Last year we had a romantic dinner at Subway, complete with table linens and … [Read more...]


We are Mentioned in Subway Magazine


This year for Valentine's Day we went to Subway for a romantic dinner. The staff was amazing and had as much fun as we did. They took pictures and sent them to their managers. Those managers in turn shared our story with the Subway Corporate office. We thought that was pretty cool. We didn't realize how cool, until recently. Subway has a magazine they distribute to all their stores, world-wide. Our Subway staff was featured on the cover of this magazine because of us. It's the first time a staff won the cover of the magazine. The first time Montana has a story in the magazine. How cool is that? Inside the front cover is a blurb about our story. When I read it I laughed out loud. The magazine took info. from my blog. So they referred to us as "Bernie" and "Mr. Bernie" *howling* Thank God Mr. Bernie is comfortable in his masculinity. Its not a good scan, but here is the article from the front inside cover. It says: "Nestled along the Yellowstone River, near Billings, … [Read more...]