Tuesday Talk On a Monday


I was in my bosses office last week to ask for clarification about some Jury Duty stuff. She gave me some sound advice and then told me that she was going to give a talk to a local Kiwanis group. She then asked, "Hey, Bernie, do you want to go with me and talk about Jury Duty?" Being the shrinking violet and shy person that I am not, I agreed.  I have to tell you that I felt honored to be asked. I think that I may have squealed at some point in the discussion, but cannot confirm nor deny that actually happening. The talk was going to be the following Tuesday. This is where it gets interesting. She either told me Tuesday or for some reason I wanted to hear Tuesday. Either way, in my  head, it was going to be on Tuesday. Fast forward to today, Monday, not Tuesday. My Boss sent me a note at 6:30am asking, "Are you ready for our talk this morning?" I think I started  hyperventilating. Mr. Bernie and I were on our way to work and  I was dressed for office work. I was business casual, not … [Read more...]