Wordless Wednesday


Testone Radium Energizer and Suspensory Contains 20 Micrograms Refined, Measured Radium It's a fancy name for a radioactive jockstrap. Let's surround the twins in radioactive bliss for hours on end. Where this for 12 hours and you too can have special children. Can you boys and girls say testicular cancer? All in unison, now. Not for use in TSA lines.   I apologize for the poor quality of this ad. It's the only one I could find in the net. Mr. Bernie tried to help me make it look better. It only sharpened up a tiny bit. We did put the ad copy we could read, right under it.  I sure do appreciate the site that posted it! As a special treat, all the snarky comments were provided by Mr. Bernie. Ad via: ebaumsworld   … [Read more...]