Happy Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day


It's here, a day for love and romance. I'm not that excited about it either. When I was single and shoving my face with as much chocolate as I could, I used to dream of having a man on Valentine's Day! Oh, what romantic times we would have! Hearts, flowers, violins and so on. When you are single you can write this whole amazing epic screenplay in your head about how romantic it will be. Like the movie Titanic only nobody freezes or drowns. The reality is so very different. The first  year you get a lovely box of chocolate. Chocolate, yum! Sweet nothings are whispered in your ears. You walk on air because you have someone to spend the day with. You built it up for weeks in your head. The fun, romance, love. Blah! After you have been with someone for a while, it's almost just another day. Well except you don't get chocolate everyday. For those of you who are new here,  I'm going to share a couple of our past Valentine's Day dinners. Our first one was at McDonalds, table linens and … [Read more...]


We are Mentioned in Subway Magazine


This year for Valentine's Day we went to Subway for a romantic dinner. The staff was amazing and had as much fun as we did. They took pictures and sent them to their managers. Those managers in turn shared our story with the Subway Corporate office. We thought that was pretty cool. We didn't realize how cool, until recently. Subway has a magazine they distribute to all their stores, world-wide. Our Subway staff was featured on the cover of this magazine because of us. It's the first time a staff won the cover of the magazine. The first time Montana has a story in the magazine. How cool is that? Inside the front cover is a blurb about our story. When I read it I laughed out loud. The magazine took info. from my blog. So they referred to us as "Bernie" and "Mr. Bernie" *howling* Thank God Mr. Bernie is comfortable in his masculinity. Its not a good scan, but here is the article from the front inside cover. It says: "Nestled along the Yellowstone River, near Billings, … [Read more...]


Romance at McDonalds

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Mr. Bernie and I are odd ducks. We like to find unusual ways to have fun. Valentine's Day is no exception. One year we decided that we didn't want to go out and have a romantic dinner with the masses. We decided to go to McDonalds.However, we couldn't just go eat a regular dinner. We had to have real table settings and so on. We went to our local thrift store to stock up on plates, silverware, glasses, flicker candles, and so on. Everything one would need for a fancy dinner out. The lights are always bright at McDonalds. Mr. Bernie ran up a hill to take this picture before dinner. See how pretty the table is? Note our dollar store flower-pot. While the Mr. was setting this up, some high school girls saw him. They squealed and awwwwed at him. He might be sterile now from that high pitch screaming. Note the candy hearts to the right. We had those to give out to people who might be brave enough to talk to us. We didn't have to give many of them … [Read more...]