I’m Classy With a Capital K!


I flew to Tampa a couple of weeks ago to start my wonderful vacation. I got to snuggle in the front row of the plane with a nice medical student. We were crammed together too tightly - another inch closer and it would have been cheating on Mr. Bernie. Of course, the guy wanted to chat the whole time. I just wanted to put on Mr. Bernie's noise canceling headphones and read. It didn't turn out that way. Thankfully, the guy was sweet and was semi-interesting. When I landed three hours later, I had the hotel shuttle pick me up so I could meet my Mom and her cousin Mary to get our party started. The next morning we were all giddy. We went down to breakfast like a bunch of school girls heading out to a boy band concert. I had a hard time focusing as this was going to be my first cruise. The hotel had a lovely breakfast buffet. There was lots of fresh fruit. I really didn't care about the fruit, but it sounds nice to have noticed. I passed that up because there were tons of choices for … [Read more...]