Exploring Salt Lake City

The signs in the middle of the blocks

Friday we woke up and took our time getting ready. That meant by the time we were hungry for breakfast, we had a hard time finding it. We set out with our stomachs rumbling and no plan. Nada, zip, zilch. "Lets walk this way."  The streets seemed to be deserted. It was almost spooky how few people we saw on our walk. Granted it was after 9am, but still someone should have been walking, running or something. I almost felt as if we stumbled into a horror movie. We saw a ton of sandwich shops, healthy eating shops and places that only opened for dinner.  A good old-fashioned breakfast was what we wanted. Eggs, meat, toast. You get the idea. Finally, we stumbled on a place called The Judge. They were still serving breakfast and we were thrilled. We each ordered and then Jenny decided to take pictures. I asked the waitress where all the people were. She told me that she thought it was odd the streets were so quiet. So we weren't crazy, even the locals thought it was quiet. I was almost … [Read more...]