Yarn For a Cause – Update

Thank You_Alicia

Thank You Have you ever had someone do something for you, which you were so grateful for, that any words you could come up with to thank them just seemed to fall way short of conveying your gratitude? Well, that is where I am right now. You see, I have been the recipient of many wonderful gifts. Gifts that have pretty much saved my sanity and gave me a reason to keep on keening on. Perhaps you read Bernie’s post, Yarn for a Cause, back in February? Well, I’m that blogging friend. Things were rapidly falling apart for me and I was on the precipice of a depression that would have sealed the deal for my family – no home, all of our possessions gone, etc. It seemed as if I were standing at my front door, watching a huge tornado heading directly for our home… and there was no Red Cross, no FEMA, and no smiling State Farm insurance agent waiting to help me out after the destruction had taken place. You can read about just what was (or, IS) going on HERE.) Bernie was kind enough to … [Read more...]