Zumba Kicked My Assa


My friend Teresa raved about Zumba, telling me things like: "It is fun."; "I love it."; "My kids love it."; "It doesn't feel like working out."; and so on. I lost track of all the great things she said about Zumba. Something in the back of my mind suggested that I look into it because I should augment my sedentary life with some sort of masochistic hobby that involves getting the heart rate up, convinces muscles to scream out their objections, and makes me sweat like a whore on dollar day. This was the month to take action. I told Mr. Bernie that if there was a class in our part of town, then I would go to it. We live just outside of town and I was pretty sure this was a deal I wouldn't have to cash in on.  I got a wild hair and decided to look at the Zumba website. I was confident that they wouldn't have one in our part of town. You see, exercising is bad enough. To have to stay in town, or travel back to town, to do it would suck. I prefer to get close to home and then avoid the … [Read more...]