Wordless Wednesday

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Which bit of advice would make you order the book?




  1. I think the part about women driving their husbands to prostitutes very enlightened for the day & age of the ad. Most wives would not be so accommodating and make them drive themselves or take a cab.

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant :-)

  3. Bye Guys..it's been fun.



  4. This is so funny. It seems so ridiculous! I guess the fact that you can cure back pain which is due to tired kidneys with a creme is interesting! Have a great rest of the week!

  5. lol, I love the placement of the two ads below it, back ache relief for if you over do it and how to relieve the skin rash for when you practice with the wrong partner. lolololol ;) Great find.

  6. “Married Love” for 98 cents from another era.

    It must have been such a best seller, and that is why we see it on all the book shelves across every home in America. Ha ha ha!

  7. Wow, I want “EARN MONEY” and do the “Furcraft work at home”!

    They should put this back into print and GIVE it to Hollywood celebs.

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