He Went For a Haircut and Came Home With a Note

On Tuesday I sent Mr. Bernie to get his hair cut. He looked like a homeless person. Long and Shaggy. I reminded him that the 70′s called and they want their hair back. This is something I have been strongly suggesting for a couple weeks. He finally agreed. Mr. Bernie loaded up the dog and headed off to get all pretty.

When he returned about an hour later, his hair had not been cut.  Lets say I was highly annoyed. I asked him why he still looked homeless. He replied, “You can’t yell at me.” Which of course gave me a good head of steam. “You have been gone long enough to get your hair cut. Did you just drive by and wave??” His lower lip quivered and he replied, “You can’t yell at me. I have a note.”  He then handed me this note from his hair stylist:

It says: Bernie I'm sorry I had to run errands! Your husband did come in. This is his doctor's note so you can't yell at him! Dr. Karmen

I laughed so hard I was almost crying. He said, “When I got up to the place she was walking out the door. She started apologizing that she couldn’t cut my hair. Something about a car she was selling. I was sad and gave her my puppy dog eyes. I told her that Bernadette is not going to be very happy, but that is ok, I didn’t want to get my hair cut today anyway. She offered to give me a note. I perked up at this and said, You could??! That would be great. She wrote the note and told me she could squeeze me in tomorrow. I told her that you were going to yell at me. She told me that you were nice and would not yell at me. I told her that she didn’t know you well. Then I thanked her for the note and got my oil changed. Now I am home and you can’t yell at me.” The smirk he had was pretty smarmy.

The next day I sent him to his appointment with a note. I thanked her for her note. I didn’t want Mr. Bernie to loose it, so I pinned it to his shirt.

When he got home, I asked him if she noticed. He was disappointed and told me that he had to point it out to her. She unpinned it and put it on her station to read later.

Now Mr. Bernie is handsome once again.

I wonder who his next note will be from?



  1. I almost peed my pants when I read this! I didn't know yelling would get such good results. I should have tried it.

  2. You are sooo hilarious! I love him bringing you home a note :)

    • Thank you. I thought that was pretty funny she offered. He must have really batted his baby blue eyes at her.

  3. Bernie, what a guy that Mr. Bernie! I so enjoyed reading this post! I had to chuckle at Mr. Bernie’s look in his pictures and I could so envision what you would say once he arrived home without his hair cut! Great stuff!

  4. Omgosh. so freakin funny.

  5. That note is a good idea…I might have to try bringing one home next time I spend to much at the mall…

  6. This is too funny. I can’t wait to read more. Unfortunately, my husband can’t do this. Usually, he cuts his own hair or I cut it.

    • He cuts his own hair? Wow! I know Mr. Bernie ends up cutting his now and then. When he feels as if its getting to long in some spots.

  7. So, so, funny! I can’t believe he got a note for you!

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  8. That's hilarious!! I wonder how people in this town would react if I did something like that. :-D

  9. Isn't it amazing? When men don't get hair cuts they really look like shit. Shaggy, and homeless! It's the best description! I wonder if Lori would send my husband home with a note if she couldn't cut his hair. Sounds like something she'd do if asked. She's cool that way.

    He definitely looks like a throw back from the 70's in that first picture!! Like, wow man.

    • Thank you. Groovy dude! I agree, with Mr. Bernie he looks much better when its shorter. I saw pictures of him in the 70′s and his hair was longer and wavy.

  10. You two are so hilarious. Mr. Bernie looks fab in his new do! Love the note thing too.

    Thanks for sharing another laugh-out-loud story with us, Bernie.

  11. That was a great read! Happy weekend wandering around aimlessly!

  12. That was incredibly funny! I think I would enjoy living in your reality :D

    Thanks for sharing!!

  13. lol love it the story is so cute as a wife and mom of 3 boys I know what bad hair days look like

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  14. Haha! That is great! He looks good both ways, but my opinion may not count because I cut Hubs hair and he has it down to his shoulders!

  15. I forgot I am stopping by from the Blog Entourage. I'm following you, I hope you get a chance to stop by Let's Start Saving Now.

  16. Chrisitna Lucas says:

    This post is so hilareous! Anyway, I'm following you, and I wanted to thank you for stopping by The Blog Entourage earlier. I'm so soryy the list wasn't up!!! It is now, so please come and add you blog. Sorry!

  17. Hahaha! I almost died laughing. I read it the first time, and then was laughing so hard, I had to bring my husband in so I could read it to him. Your Mr. Bernie sounds like my Mr. Katie. I absolutely love it. Oh, and I'm from the FTLOB Weekend Wander, just so you don't think some random stranger is stalking you. I'm Katie…there, not a random stranger anymore…but I WILL be stalking your blog. FABULOUS!

    • Hi, Katie. Thank you for stopping by. I love stalkers. I'm glad your hubby liked it too. I know its a funny blog when I drag Mr. Bernie over to show it to him.

  18. I love the before and afters!! I am so glad he got it done, now his whole weekend is free and he dosen't have to worry about anyone handing him change while he is downtown. ;)

  19. Love it!!! And what a good sport to pose for the before and after shots!!! You've got a keeper there!

  20. I almost wet myself laughing! That is soooo funny! The fact that she even thought to send home a note is something a mother would do. I can't wait to see who he comes home with a note from next!

    • Me too. I told him it would be funny if he came home with a note from the guys who change his oil. *lol*

  21. It's good to know that I am not the only one who refers to the hubby as homeless-looking at this time of year. I threaten to Nair mine in his sleep all the time.

    The doctor's note is just too funny!!

    • Oh, I love the idea of threating him with Nair! I may use that later. Thank you for the tip!!

    • I do agree with all of the concepts you’ve offeerd on your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for beginners. Could you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  22. Too funny! And by the way, Mr. Bernie is adorable, with or without the 70's shag.

    I like Kelly's idea of a "Friday Folder". I think most men would benefit from one of those!

    • Thank you. He is a good sport having his picture taken for the blog too.

      I thought that Friday Folder thing was a fun idea too.

  23. Haha, too funny! I love she wrote that. She is a keeper. Does a great job and a great personality :)

    • Thank you. She is a hoot. She teases him something awful when she does his hair. I think she has fun with him.

  24. That's hilarious! Only Mr B could go to the hairdressers and come back with a 'note'!

    Oh, thanks for that!

  25. Oh, how funny! Maybe he should carry a "Friday folder" like the kindergartners do for notes from school.

    • *howling* I could just send him out around town with that. As people send back notes he could keep them all in one place. What a fabulous idea!!

  26. This was too funny, and too cute. Love it. Don't hate me, but I like mr bernie with the long hair… I keep trying to get marc to let his hair grow a little bit. As soon as it starts to grow, he makes an appointment to cut it. I have never seen a guy so into cutting his hair!

    • The front doesn't look bad. Its the back that looks horrible when it gets long. It grows wings and has funny clumps sticking out.

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