I’m on a Creative Team!

My first design as an offical Creative Team Member

When I first started the Project 2011, New Year challenge,  I had no idea where it would lead. I know I wanted to so something crafty and creative, but had no idea what to do. I decided to start making cards, with stamps. Mr. Bernie and I own a stamp shop, how hard can that be? Pretty darn hard if you ask me. I hated it. I couldn't get anything to look right. It smeared or was too light I was getting frustrated before I even really started. There had to be a better way. Fast forward a few weeks.....I was dorking around on Etsy and discovered digital images. (insert angels singing here)  Huh, who knew such an amazing thing existed? It was like playing with color-forms from when I was a girl. Just move things around and set them in place and you have something pretty. The very first Etsy seller I bought images from was, Patty of Lisa's Altered Art. She held my hand and baby stepped me through making cards. She explained to me the difference between a JPG and PNG. She has a different … [Read more...]


Looking for My Crafting Mojo


I misplaced my crafting mojo. I know it's around because it peeks out now and then.  For a while I have been designing a surprise for a friend.  Once I actually get it completed and its received, I will be sharing it. It's a lot of design work that will need to be sent off to be printed and so on. It's not something I can do with my printer at the house. Its been great fun!  I can't wait until its done and complete!! Its been a lot of "Mr. Bernie can you fix this for me? Mr. Bernie I don't like how that looks can you change it for me?" He so loves that part. Now its a matter of taking the cards I have designed and printing them out. Having Mr. Bernie cut them out, I can't cut a straight line. Finding background paper and embellishing them.  I was going to start printing last night, but after not printing for so long my ink dried up.  I have a new ink cartridge and ink re-fills coming in this week.  (I love the ink refills! We must have refilled my color ink cartridge at least 15 … [Read more...]


Sunday Silliness


The title should be Sunday Silliness! I don't know how I lost the S. I'm not ill. Stupid Wordpress. It's Sunday, which means its one day away from Monday. I have been locked in my craft room, so I really don't have anything fun, interesting or newsy to report. I thought instead of a post of rambling, I would share some fun card ideas I have made over the past few days. Not sure if I will turn them into cards for the shop or not, but they amuse me. Click on the cards if you want to make them bigger.   The card reads: Everyone told Stella to change her outlook on life. It didn't help." The card reads: "Casual Fridays Confused Roy" I had the image of the pajamas and wanted to do something fun with it. I added a booze bottle to his arms, just for fun. He doesn't know if he should dress up or down. It's not over until the fat lady sings. Look at her sing. This is the first time I tried to color something all by myself. I did the pink on her dress. There were people in … [Read more...]


The New Year is Here


Here we are in 2012.  I hope you all had a good New Year so far. I'm going to go against the grain and not make any resolutions. I have found as time goes on that I'm not good at keeping them. So best not to make any. That way I don't have any frustration as the year goes on. We had a few days off from work  and today we go back. I was a busy little bee during our time off. I uploaded the videos for my t.v. show.  I completed a whole bunch of new cards to add to my Etsy shop. I didn't get a chance to put then all up. Which is good because it will hopefully allow me to keep my shop fresh. I finished up the cards for the Minnesota Moments contest. We get to start our work year out on a good note. We have 200 stamps to make for one company. That is an impressive way to start our month off. It should take us a few days to whip those out. Yea!! Here is a link to the Museum of Women's History show I host. The numbers by the names is the order of the interview. The last interview I … [Read more...]


Christmas Has Arrived at Budugalee


Halloween is more my speed. It was such fun finding new spooky images to make cards. However, I will be doing some craft shows this season. Best to have some Christmas cards for the masses. I spent the weekend chained to my craft room designing. I thought I would post a few of the cards I'll be adding to my shop. I thought this girl was a doll baby. I glittered up her hat. I was able to figure out how to cut her hand out to make her look like she is holding the candy cane. Most of my images are from my ,graphic's Goddess Patty, from Lisa's Altered Art. This little guy is fun. The words say, "Bring me some Figgy Pudding" What kid doesn't have a tantrum around Christmas time? My niece, Jade, Jenny's daughter allowed me to use her picture. I so wanted to have a kid missing their two front teeth. Jade said I could use her picture. You can image Jade's surprise and delight when I posted this on her Facebook wall. *lol* What is Christmas without a snowman? He has fancy glittered … [Read more...]


Bats in Her Belfry

IMG_1175 (Small)

I love that you can find anything on Etsy. I also love sellers who allow people to use their stuff to sell in their own shop. For example, I have found the best Halloween graphics. Eventually, I would like to be able to make my own. Until then, I depend on the cleverness of others. A gal was selling the sheet to make this adorable card and envelope. With some good card stock, my printer and Mr. Bernie I was able to make my first easel card. I thought these were just cute. I have wanted to make an easel card for a while now. I'm so pleased with how she turned out. Perfect for Halloween. She is now for sale in my Etsy shop. I also made a second one easel card of a  witch on a bicycle. Here is a card I made over the weekend. Mr. Bernie was gone and I taught myself how to turn a girl into a zombie. I was pretty proud of her. I leave for Chicago next week. I hope to get a few more cards added over the weekend. It's a bit addicting. … [Read more...]